An Epic Quest for an Earthly Cause

With Americans now spending upwards of $5 per gallon for a tank of gas, something has to give. Unfortunately, some Americans are choosing to give up their freedom to travel in order to save a few bucks. But it doesn't have to be that way. Enter Scooter Quest 2008.

It's an educational adventure from Minnesota to New York City, entirely on fuel efficient scooters. We'll be burning rubber for a good cause, spreading the news that scooters are a fun and easy way to get where you want to go, without forking out a lot of cash. "By coming together on the road we hope to show the rest of the United States that each of us can make a difference. It can begin with an eco-friendly alternative for road travel," says Sean Blake, one of the participants of Scooter Quest 2008. Scooter Quest began, where else, on a scooter. In 2007, Dustin Saunders moved to Minnesota to seek new opportunities. Once he settled in, the love for his scooter he left in Utah was too much to bear. Dustin then traveled with his friends to Utah to pick it up, and drive the scooter back to Minnesota.

Scooter Quest was originally meant for family and friends to check to see how progress was going as the crew made it back from Utah, to Minnesota. Now, in 2008, Sean, Dustin, and Michael will take their scooters and venture across parts of the United States on an epic adventure of traveling, exploration and fun. The adventure begins on August 23rd, 2008 from Minneapolis, MN ending in New York, NY with checkpoints in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia along the way.

The scooters will be equipped with cameras streaming the entire event live on! You're able to come along on the ride through the latest in technological interactivity provided by Our trip's goal is three-fold:

  • To show you don't have to give up your freedom to travel due to high fuel prices
  • You can conserve the Earth and protect the environment through more eco-friendly means
  • You can have fun and meet awesome and interesting people on the way.
From one American to another, we are all suffering from these fuel prices. And with so many of us relying on our cars, we are slowly losing money that we all desperately need. Scooter Quest isn't here to get you to replace a truck to haul equipment, or take your family to the movies, but it shows you can save money on all those trips you take on your own. And together we can all make a difference.